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The Senate and the House of Representatives returned to Columbia on Tuesday and Wednesday to pass a joint resolution that distributes the federal funding to the state from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act.

Joint Resolution for CARES Act Funding
On Tuesday, the Senate convened to debate H5202, the House bill that appropriated capital reserve funding. The Senate Finance Committee proposed an amendment that struck all of the language in the amendment and replaced it with language that allocates federal funding for coronavirus relief. In addition to the committee amendment, the Senate adopted one other amendment which exempts students from federally mandated testing requirements.

The bill includes $270 million for reimbursements to state and local governments for COVID-19-related expenditures. The bill also includes:

  • SC Department of Employment and Workforce Unemployment Trust Fund: $500 million
  • SC State Department of Education Academic Recovery Camps, Five Days of Academic Instruction and Food Services: $222.7 million
  • SC Department of Health and Environmental Control Statewide Testing and Monitoring: $42.4 million
  • SC Adjutant General - Emergency Management Division Personal Protective Equipment Stockpile and Supply Chain: $16.8 million
  • SC Department of Administration - Executive Budget Office Hospital Relief Fund: $125 million
  • SC Office of Regulatory Staff Broadband Mapping and Planning, Infrastructure and Mobile Hotspots: $50 million
  • SC Department of Administration - Executive Budget Office Grant Management Oversight and Compliance: $10 million

The House of Representatives convened on Wednesday to concur on the Senate amendments to the bill. Gov. Henry McMaster signed the bill into law on Thursday, June 25. For questions about the joint resolution, contact Melissa Harrill ( at 803.933.1251.

COVID-19 Resources
The Municipal Association has a webpage dedicated to resources and information about the coronavirus, including videocasts on local government operations and model ordinances. This webpage is continuously updated. If you have any questions about governing during a state of emergency or the governor's executive orders, please contact your field services managers Charlie Barrineau ( at 803.479.9105 or Jeff Shacker ( at 803.479.9103.

COVID-19 Resources

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