From the Dome to Your Home

The SC General Assembly met on Wednesday and Thursday this week, canceling session on Tuesday because of hazardous weather in parts of the state. The Senate adopted its congressional redistricting plan, while also continuing debate on ending the requirement for a certificate of need for hospitals and other healthcare providers.  

The House of Representatives held regular session working through bills in the calendar and holding budget subcommittee hearings. Gov. Henry McMaster gave the State of the State address Wednesday evening to a joint assembly of House and Senate members. 

House Ways and Means SRS and ARP subcommittee hears testimony on rural infrastructure 
The House Ways and Means Savannah River Site and American Rescue Plan subcommittee heard testimony from staff of the SC Rural Infrastructure Authority on distribution of state American Rescue Plan Act funding. Under the SC RIA’s recommendations to the subcommittee, local governments would be eligible for three competitive water and sewer grant programs that allow for the construction of water, wastewater, stormwater infrastructure.  The three grant types are these: 

Infrastructure Grants  
The maximum grant amount is $10 million per project.   
60% will go to large utilities and require a 25% match.  
40% will go to small utilities and require a 15% match.   

Regional Solutions Grants  
The maximum grant amount is $10 million per project.  
This grant is designed for regional partnerships among large and small systems, including consolidation. A 15% match is required.  

Planning Grants  
The maximum grant amount is $1 million per project.  
This grant is designed for very small systems that serve populations of 3,300 or less. No match is required. Application and implementation assistance would be provided through councils of governments, who would each receive $500,000.  

Association staff will continue to monitor all state ARP recommendations and action. For questions about the state ARP allocation, contact Erica Wright ( at 803.354.4793.  

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