​From the Dome to Your Home

The SC General Assembly convened on Tuesday, January 11, for the second half of the two-year legislative session. The Senate began debate on ending the requirement for a certificate of need for hospitals and other healthcare providers on Wednesday, while the House of Representatives adopted its congressional redistricting plan.   

House Ways and Means Constitutional subcommittee 
The House Ways and Means Constitutional subcommittee met to hear budget requests and testimony from several agencies, including cities and towns. Joannie Nickel, legislative and public policy advocate for the Municipal Association, testified on behalf of cities and towns. Nickel asked that lawmakers follow the current law, Act 84, which requires the Local Government Fund to follow the increase and decrease of the state budget.  

For questions about the Local Government Fund, contact Joannie Nickel ( at 803.354.4794. 

Senate ARP subcommittee passes out recommendations 
The Senate Finance Committee American Rescue Plan Act subcommittee met on Tuesday afternoon to consider state ARP funding recommendations for the full Senate Finance Committee to debate. The subcommittee passed out these allocations: 

  • $453 million to SC Department of Transportation to accelerate key infrastructure projects 
  • $900 million to the SC Rural Infrastructure Authority for water, wastewater and storm water repair 
  • $400 million to the Office of Regulatory Staff for broadband expansion 

For questions about the state ARP allocation, contact Erica Wright ( at 803.354.4793. 

Stay in Touch 
The Municipal Association legislative team is on Twitter. Follow Scott Slatton (@ScottMuniSC), Joannie Nickel (@JoannieMuniSC) and Erica Wright (@EricaMuniSC) for updates from the State House. Also follow the Association at @MuniAssnSC.