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House and Senate members continue to hold subcommittee meetings during this legislative offseason debating everything from redistricting to the American Rescue Plan allocation. Legislators still plan to return to Columbia before the start of the 2022 session in January to allocate the state’s American Rescue Plan dollars and the Savannah River Site settlement funds, and to adopt redistricting plans.  
American Rescue Plan Update 
The American Rescue Plan designated $65.1 billion to local governments across the nation. In South Carolina, all 46 counties, 17 metropolitan cities and all of the state’s school districts have already received direct ARP allocations.  

Before payments can be distributed to the remaining 254 cities and towns, state officials must first submit a request to the U.S. Department of Treasury for South Carolina’s allocation from the State Fiscal Recovery Fund.  

As of today, South Carolina is one of only three states that have not yet submitted to Treasury its request for payment.  

This week the Municipal Association continued to actively work with legislators, legislative staff, the governor’s office and state agency officials in pursuit of ARP funds. The consistent message has been and continues to be to “immediately draw down the ARP allocation for the remaining 254 cities and towns.”  

August 3 
Todd Glover, Municipal Association executive director, testified in front of a Senate Finance subcommittee where he requested legislative leaders work with the governor to immediately request the state’s ARP allocation.  

August 16 
Todd Glover, Scott Slatton, director of advocacy and communications, and Erica Wright, legislative and public policy advocate, met with Governor Henry McMaster and his staff and requested the governor immediately request the state’s ARP allocation. 

The Municipal Association, in coordination with the SC Department of Administration, sent an email to all 254 cities and towns who are still waiting on ARP funding requesting information necessary for them to receive the funds.  

August 17  
Glover testified in front of the House Ways and Means SRS and ARPA Appropriations Ad Hoc subcommittee where he again requested legislative leaders work to immediately draw down the state’s ARP allocation. 

Before these meetings, Association staff worked closely with legislative staff to provide information and details about the ARP allocation.  

Action Needed 
To lend your local voice to the Association’s ongoing statewide requests to draw down state and local ARP funds, contact your House and Senate members and Gov. Henry McMaster and encourage them to act as soon as possible.  

Continue to check the Association’s ARP website for up-to-date information.  
If you have questions about ARP, contact Erica Wright ( at 803.354.4793 or Todd Glover ( at 803.354.4754. 

Stay in Touch 
The Municipal Association legislative team is on Twitter. Follow Scott Slatton (@ScottMuniSC), Joannie Nickel (@JoannieMuniSC) and Erica Wright (@EricaMuniSC) for updates from the State House. Also follow the Association at @MuniAssnSC.