From the Dome to Your Home

The House of Representatives and the Senate met in regular session this week. House members worked through bills on the calendar, while the Senate worked on the budget all week. House and Senate members plan to adjourn on May 13 for the year.  

An adjournment resolution was introduced in the House that determines when the General Assembly will return to Columbia to finish debating bills. The House adopted it, but the Senate took no action on it. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives will reconvene next week for regular session. 

Senate adopts budget
The Senate adopted its version of the budget this week. The Senate version of the budget includes these items: 

  • $17.6 million to the Local Government Fund base amount. 
  • $3.7 million for the supplemental insurance policy for South Carolina firefighters diagnosed with cancer, which complies with Act 168, passed by the General Assembly in 2020. This is the same amount included in the House budget. 
  • $500,000 in recurring funds for post-traumatic stress disorder treatment services for first responders. This is an item that has been included in the budget since 2016, but it was funded with non-recurring money. $250,000 is allocated to the SC Law Enforcement Assistance Program for police officers, and $250,000 is allocated to the SC First Responders Assistance and Support Team for firefighters. This is the same amount included in the House budget. 
  • A 1% credit for employers’ retirement system contributions. This is the same amount in the House budget. 
The provisos adopted in the Senate version of the budget include these: 

  • Proviso 105.afs directs the SC State Auditor to issue a statewide contract for auditing services for cities and towns to conduct annual audits, and directs the State Auditor to convene a working group of stakeholders to develop appropriate audit requirements for cities and towns. 
  • Proviso 98.9 compels the SC State Treasurer to release to cities and towns two years’ worth of Local Government Funds being withheld from them as a result of having not completed annual audits. 
The proviso that was adopted by the Senate Finance Committee that exempted title insurance companies that located to the state in FY 2021 from paying the municipal business license tax on a portion of their gross premiums as required by current law was ruled out of order in the budget.  

Next, the budget goes back to the House for members to consider the Senate amendments to its version. For questions on the budget, contact Joannie Nickel ( at 803.354.4794. 

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