​From the Dome to Your Home

The Senate met in session this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. The House of Representatives was on furlough and did not meet in session or in committee. 

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives will reconvene at noon on Tuesday, April 6, for a regular session week.   

Municipal parking bill passes the Senate 
The Senate amended and passed S40, the municipal parking bill, on Wednesday afternoon. S40, sponsored by Sen. Larry Grooms (R-Berkeley), prohibits a municipality from altering or establishing parking facilities on any state highway without the prior approval of SC Department of Transportation. The amendment strikes all of the original bill and includes the following new language: 

The bill clarifies that alteration of parking facilities on state highways must receive prior approval from the SC Department of Transportation through an encroachment permit. 

The bill requires beach communities to offer free public beach parking, allows them to offer paid public beach parking and allows the SC Department of Transportation to restrict parking only if circumstances necessitate restrictions. 

The bill allows beach community parking fees to be used for maintenance of parking facilities; beach access, maintenance and renourishment; traffic and parking enforcement; first responders; as well as sanitation and litter control. 

Senators amended the bill and gave it second reading. The bill will be given third reading next week and sent to the House of Representatives for debate.  For questions about this bill, contact Scott Slatton ( at 803.933.1203.  

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