​On June 25, 2020, the South Carolina General Assembly enacted, and the Governor signed, a Joint Resolution (Act 142) to authorize the expenditure of federal funds disbursed to the state in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, and specified the manner in which the funds may be expended for the Coronavirus Relief Fund. These expenditure authorizations grant state agencies, institutions of higher learning, counties, municipalities, special purpose districts, and hospitals the ability to request reimbursement for expenditures through June 30, 2020, incurred in relation to COVID-19. Act 142 also authorizes the Department of Administration's Executive Budget Office to reimburse these entities as outlined in the Joint Resolution.  

To facilitate its duties assigned by the General Assembly, the Department of Administration has retained Guidehouse, Inc. to build and operationalize the state-wide recovery program for the CRF, provide expertise on reimbursement maximization, conduct compliance and integrity monitoring, and implement a robust expense and document management technology platform. With the assistance of the Grants Administrator, the State will provide technical assistance and support to its subrecipients throughout the grant management process.

Below is a brief description of the next steps in the process as well as an overall timeline for reimbursement.   

In the next few weeks, you can expect:

  • Communications to establish points of contact for each subrecipient and begin the subrecipient agreement process for reimbursement.
  • Call center, office hour support, job aids, videos, FAQs, and other training materials prior to the application window.
  • Further information around the Grant Management platform and reimbursement request process.

The anticipated timeline is below:

  • June – July 2020: Alignment on funding distribution and standup of grants management platform
  • Early July 2020:  Outreach and delivery of training materials to subrecipients leading up to platform opening
  • Mid to end of July 2020: opening of grants management platform to request reimbursement
  • Mid to end of July 2020: On-call application support and platform "office hour" sessions
  • August 2020: Review of reimbursement requests and payment of funds
  • September – December 2020: Additional application rounds as-needed

Through Guidehouse Inc., the state will work to aggressively execute the distribution of CRF funding, to ensure eligible COVID-19 related expenses for state agencies, institutions of higher learning, counties, municipalities, special purpose districts, and hospitals are reimbursed in a timely manner. The Department of Administration and Guidehouse will be reaching out to you soon to provide more details on the process. 

If you should have any questions, please contact Brian Gaines, Director of the Executive Budget Office, at  

Also, each potential recipient will need to designate a point of contact who has access to the entity's financial records with the Department of Administration. The contact should be designated by Wednesday, July 8 and must participate in a virtual training. Find the contact designation form here