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Fire Chief, City of Mauldin

Position Category: Fire

Position Hours:
Full time, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Job Duties:
  • The ideal candidate will be a strong and innovative professional who demonstrates effective leadership skills in the areas of supervising personnel, carrying out City policies, and managing and coordinating departmental communications. In order to achieve results, the candidate must be able to analyze and evaluate widely varied and complex situations and issues. The Fire Chief shall establish departmental goals, long range plans (e.g., fiscal and operational), objectives, policies, directives, regulations and standard operating procedures based on the needs of the City and the Fire Department.
  • Duties: Position is responsible for management and control of the Fire Department, including the activities of fire suppression and prevention, code enforcement, fire alarms, hazardous materials, emergency management, emergency medical, budgetary and capital management, building, vehicle, and facility operation and maintenance, personnel administration and training.
    Supervision: Employee works under the administrative direction of the City Administrator. The employee manages the operations of a major city department, performing highly responsible professional and administrative functions. Employee develops and follows fire service management policies and procedures and is directly accountable for department actions. The employee develops departmental policies, goals, objectives and budgets, consistent with statutory requirements, fire service and emergency medical service principles, national and state fire service standards, and city ordinances. Employee has access to confidential personnel files and lawsuits of the department. Employee is responsible for the supervision of full-time employees and Volunteer employees, some of whom work at multiple stations and on different shifts, with a various number of staff in the field dependent upon the type and level of incident response required. Employee is responsible for recommending the hiring and firing of employees to the City Administrator and evaluates personnel performance on an ongoing and annual basis. The nature of the work cannot be planned. The department must be ready to respond to large and small incidents at a moment’s notice, with emergency responses fluctuating throughout the day and night. Employee is required to work outside of normal business hours and/or at night year-round and is on call at all times to respond to important situations.
  • Job Environment: Position responsibilities require the use of extensive judgment and ingenuity to perform the required fire suppression, fire prevention, rescue and emergency services within the limits of guidelines that include departmental policies and procedures, code enforcement, national and state laws, and city ordinances. Extensive judgement and ingenuity are required to develop new or adapt existing methods and approaches for accomplishing objectives or to deal with new or unusual requirements within the limits of the guidelines or policies.

  • Recommended Minimum Qualifications:
    Physical and Mental Requirements: The employee works in a loud fire station and is exposed to outdoor weather conditions, high places, toxic or caustic chemicals, fumes or airborne particles, extremes of heat or cold, moving mechanical parts, and risk of electric shock up to 1/3rd of the time. Employee is required to walk, talk, and listen up to 2/3rd of the time; sit, use hands, reach with hands and arms, and taste or smell up to 1/3rd of the time. Employee occasionally lifts up to 60 lbs. Occupational risk includes those encountered by fire fighters at all such incidents. The employee must respond to emergencies during any weather condition. Normal vision is required. Equipment operated includes trucks in excess of 26,001 lbs., light trucks, automobile, light equipment, medical equipment, pneumatic tools, power tools, hand tools, office machines, and computers.
  • Education and Experience: A candidate for this position should have a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Science, Fire Administration, or related field or ten (10) years of progressively responsible fire service experience, five (5) of which as a Captain or higher, including managerial experience and budget preparation and administration experience.
    Special Requirements: A candidate for this position is required to be a Certified Fire Marshal in the State of South Carolina; valid Class E South Carolina driver's license; must have and maintain certification as NFPA, IFSPAC or Pro Board Firefighter II; must have and maintain certification as NFPA, IFSPAC or Pro Board Fire officer II; successful completion of NIMS-IS 100, 200, 700 & 800 courses; successful completion of ICS 300 & 400 courses.
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: A candidate for this position should have skill in and knowledge of modem fire suppression and prevention principles, procedures, techniques and equipment; applicable laws, ordinances, departmental standards, standard operating procedures, and regulations; excellent supervisory, leadership, personnel management, writing, communication, and delegation skills and an ability to plan, assign, direct and review the work of subordinates and direct large-scale operations of personnel and equipment under emergency conditions; maintain good public relations; maintain departmental budget.

Pay Info:
$70,000 to $90,000 annually

How to apply:
Email resume to


The City of Mauldin is an Equal Opportunity and Drug Free Employer