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Investigator IV - Office of State Fire Marshal, Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation

Position Category: Fire

Position Hours:
Full time, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Job Duties:
  • Responds to fire scenes to conduct research and investigations in support of overall risk reduction priorities of the Agency. Conducts and assigns follow-up investigations for enforcement of the Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity Standards and Firefighter Protection Act (SC Code of Law 23-51). Supports the CLEAR Team in providing staff training on research and investigative initiatives. Oversees the implementation of the Fire Safe Cigarette investigations program and coordinates Deputy State Fire Marshal training with the Chief Deputy. As needed, assists with Origin and Cause Investigations

  • A high school diploma and experience conducting investigations or performing other law enforcement duties. Weekly night, overnight, and weekend travel is required. Holiday work may be required. Must be able to lift 50lbs, climb ladders, and drive state vehicles. Must be able to pass an annual Firefighter physical and respirator fit test. Must be able to work in austere environments, including extreme cold and heat. Work environments range from an office setting to fire and disaster scenes. May be deployed in an emergency response capacity as part of State Fire's ESF 4/9 coordination, Firefight

Pay Info:
$40,759 - $75,413 annually

How to apply:


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