Annual Meeting Tech Talks

Throughout the Annual Meeting, attendees can attend brief technology sessions. These sessions are designed specifically for elected officials. In these nontechnical sessions, attendees can learn about a wide range of technology topics in a short amount of time.

Disaster Recovery: Backing Up Data Isn't Enough
Your data is critical to your municipality, but is it as secure or as accessible as it should be? Explore what questions to ask your IT department to be assured that a plan is in place to bring your systems and data back online quickly after a disaster.

Mobile-Friendly Websites: It's Not Optional
With mobile web users predicted to overtake desktop and laptop users this year, municipalities must have a mobile-friendly website. Get an overview of mobile-friendly website design, responsive design and native apps.

You've Got Mail! How to Keep It, Search It, Retrieve It 
The continued growth of using email has made email archiving an invaluable tool. From increasing employee efficiency to responding effectively to FOIA requests, email archiving is an affordable solution for municipalities of all sizes.

The Cloud and City Hall: A Perfect Match? 
Cloud technology now makes it possible for cities and towns, regardless of size, staff or budget, to have access to technology they may not otherwise have been able to afford. The cloud eliminates the need to make costly annual purchases of IT equipment, services and applications. Find out which cloud services are the right match for your municipality.

The Cloud: A Great Solution for Disaster Recovery
Many municipalities have a data backup plan that isn't as secure and accessible as it should be. Does your municipality fall into this category? Learn how a cloud-based data backup solution offers a more secure, affordable and reliable option than traditional backup solutions.

Technology: Buckle your Seatbelts, We're Reaching Hyperspeed     
Telecommuting, walksataions... There are few, if any, sectors that change as rapidly as information technology. Learn about what's coming in the near future and how to position your municipality to take advantage of these changes.

Top Five Things You Need to Know About Cybersecurity
It is almost impossible for your municipality to avoid the threat of a cybersecurity breach. A data breach is a significant risk that requires advance preparation. It's not a question of if one will happen, but when. Learn what you can do to be more prepared.

Open Forum Q and A
Have any pressing technology questions that you need answered? Staff from the Municipal Association and VC3 will be available to answer questions from attendees. Even those without a question to pose will learn a great deal in this informal session.

How to Weather a Multicloud Environment
A multicloud strategy involves using two or more cloud services to diminish the risks of data loss and downtimes. It can also increase the efficiency of multiple departments with diverse needs. Learn more about this emerging trend and how your city might benefit from using multiple cloud services.