Annual database review

Some people make a ritual of spring cleaning. At the Municipal Association, fall is the big cleanup time. Every year in early November, the Association asks municipal clerks to update and verify their city's information that the Association maintains in its database.

Every department at the Association uses this data to communicate information about issues important to cities and towns, including training opportunities and legislative updates. In addition, key demographic information about the city and the names of both elected officials and key municipal personnel appear in the Association's online directory.

Municipal clerks make updates using the Municipal Information Dashboard, accessible from the Association's website. While clerks can (and should) update information throughout the year, the Association will use the information updated/verified in November for the 2015 Municipal Officials and Legislative Directory.

Speaking of spring cleaning, the Association debuted a new feature to the Dashboard in October. The new feature allows clerks to review a list of all municipal personnel and remove anyone no longer with the city. Previously, clerks could only remove elected officials no longer in office and key municipal personnel.


Municipal Information Dashboard 


"I cannot stress enough how important it is for clerks to review the information carefully and make necessary changes," explained Miriam Hair, executive director of the Municipal Association. "For example, without accurate information, we won't be able to let you know a bill detrimental to local governments is about to pass, or you may not receive information about the Annual Meeting or training offered by Risk Management Services and our affiliate associations.

Clerks will receive an email from the Association in early November (later if the city has a November or December election) asking them to go through the Dashboard process by November 28.

Contact Ashleigh Hair at or 803.933.1288 with any questions.