Launch of City Connect blog

by Reba Campbell, Municipal Association of SC

We all have our personal preferences on how we like to get information. Some people like the newspaper, others prefer email, many like social media, while others prefer tv or radio. Personal preferences also drive whether we like short bits of news or long commentary. In today's media world, all of these choices exist, but sometimes we miss things that are important because there is just too much coming at us.

At the Municipal Association, we understand that the officials we serve range in age from early 20s to their 90s. Their occupations are as varied as their ages. They gather information in different ways. Some want to search our website to answer a question, for example, while others prefer to call our staff directly. Regardless of your preference, we want to deliver information in the way that best suits you.

So-in February, the Association launched a blog, called City Connect, as another way to connect you with information that may be valuable to you in serving your city. Before you assume a blog will inundate you with useless political gossip, let me set out a few parameters and make a few promises to you, our reader.

City Connect 

We will send you the blog posts only if you ask for it or you can go directly to the blog at your leisure and see what's been posted. The blog won't inundate your inbox with meeting notices, job listings or random questions.

Rather we plan for it to connect you with information you may need but don't know we have. For instance, our website has more than 1,000 pages and more than 2,000 documents of great information on municipal topics ranging from running a meeting to recovering from a security breach. Lots of information you probably never even knew was there.

We promise this will not be a political blog, so don't come here for gossip or scandalous posts. What we will promise is a dose of quick information-sometimes related to a national news item or maybe action in the legislature or on Capitol Hill. We might pass on an interesting article from a national publication during hurricane season and include links on our website with tips for helping your city prepare and recover from a hurricane.

We promise to keep the posts short and sweet so you can easily read them on your phone, tablet or computer. We will allow comments so feel free to give us your opinions or thoughts on the topics discussed.

So connect with the Association's new blog and see what you may have been missing.