2014 Compensation Survey results

Results from the 2014 Compensation Survey will be available on the Association's website on March 10. The online tool is an annual report of wages and salaries of South Carolina municipal employees and elected officials. A user can browse or compare specific data, such as position, salary range and budget for each city.

This year, the Association made enhancements to the reports to make them more user-friendly. In addition to listing salaries for each position, the reports now include demographic information for each city, such as number of full-time employees in each position, annual payroll, amount of cost-of-living adjustment and range of merit increases.

The reports are available in PDF format or can be exported to Excel, allowing users to sort and filter the data.

Information available through the online tool is provided annually by South Carolina municipalities.

Attracting and retaining quality employees are essential for municipalities to provide quality services to residents, businesses and visitors. To do that, employees need to be fairly compensated relative to the marketplace.

The online tool allows users to review the data using several search criteria such as year, position or specific municipality. For example, a user could research the salary ranges for all public safety personnel or for just the police chiefs.

Additional search criteria options such as number of full-time employees, annual payroll and population range allow the user to research similar municipalities. For example, the user can find the salary range of all municipal clerks in cities with a population of more than 40,000.