Tech Talks address top technology priorities for local governments

Throughout the Annual Meeting, local officials can attend brief technology sessions called Tech Talks. These sessions are designed specifically for elected officials. During these sessions, attendees can learn about a wide range of technology topics in a short amount of time.

Cloud Computing with Office 365
Microsoft’s Office 365 is a dramatically different approach toward providing city staff with the Microsoft Office tools they need to function efficiently. Office 365 is a Web-based platform that pairs the Office applications with cloud storage. Learn about the benefits of Office 365 and whether it is a good fit for the city.

Does Your Website Measure Up?
A city’s website has many audiences to serve—residents, businesses and visitors. Add to that the need to make the site accessible to those with disabilities and functional for all users regardless of the type of device they use. Learn why city websites should be up-to-date, accessible and responsive.

Hosted Desktop Solutions Blend Flexibility and Stability
Limited or no IT staff? That shouldn’t hold a city back from taking advantage of technology. With a hosted desktop solution, users can take advantage of the cloud to access applications. City of Florence officials will talk about the decisions behind their move to a hosted desktop solution.

Personal Digital Security
Shopping, banking, paying bills … consumers use their digital devices every day to make their lives easier. But at what cost? Discover some simple tips that can make online activities more secure.

Protecting City Data
City data is under attack every day. In fact, cybersecurity is the top concern for local government IT officials across the country. Take the right steps for protecting data by learning how to secure it and how to respond if a breach does occur. 

Protecting Law Enforcement Data
All law enforcement agencies that access the federal Criminal Justice Information Services must have extensive technology safeguards in place. Learn more about CJIS and what city officials must do to protect and secure the data.

Unveiling the New Association Website
When launched in July, the Municipal Association’s newly redesigned website will not only be easier to use, it will be fully functional regardless of the device used to access it. Get a tour of the new site and hear about the nine-month journey the Association took to move its previous site into the world of responsive design.

Aligning IT with Business Needs
Before acquiring new technology, decision makers must determine the city’s business requirements. Do they want to provide staff access to information and programs when away from city hall? Do residents want to pay their bills online? Learn the questions to ask to ensure the city’s technology meets its needs.