Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government monthly quiz

​True or False: The City of Sumter was the first municipality in the United States to adopt the council-manager form of government.

Answer: True
The City of Sumter adopted the council-manager form in 1912 before any other local governing bodies. The form was born out of the U.S. progressive reform movement at the turn of the 20th century.

The council-manager form of government is one of three forms of municipal government. Under this form, the mayor and council members are forbidden by law from interfering with the operation of the departments, offices and agencies under the direction of the manager. The other two are the mayor-council form (strong mayor) and the council form (weak mayor). The major difference is where the executive and administrative powers and responsibilities of the local government are vested. The legislative function remains with the council under all three forms of municipal government. About 12 percent of South Carolina cities and towns operate under the council-manager form, while most use the mayor-council form of government.

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