Mayor Bill Young, Municipal Association president, and Representative Joe Daning
Mayor Bill Young, Municipal Association president, and Representative Joe Daning
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The Municipal Association of South Carolina presented the Distinguished Service Award to Representative Joe Daning (R- Berkeley) during its recent Annual Meeting.

When presenting the award, Association board chairman, Mayor Bill Young of Walterboro, recounted that Representative Daning has been a consistent and reliable ally of municipalities during his tenure in the House. He has been a leader on local government issues ranging from annexation to business licensing to fighting blight.

"Since he was elected to the House, Representative Daning has always been a champion for our cities and towns as well as a proponent of good local government and local control," Young said.

Daning was the lead sponsor in 2015 and 2016 of the Dilapidated Buildings Act and worked with a bipartisan group of House members in 2016 and 2017 to introduce annexation legislation that would help cities to provide services more efficiently. Daning also worked with the Municipal Association to support business licensing legislation that would standardize the tax for all cities and towns and ensure businesses are treated equitably.

Daning regularly attends the Association's Regional Advocacy Meetings and participated on the legislative panel at the 2017 Hometown Legislative Action Day.

Daning served on the City of Goose Creek city council from 1978 until he was elected to the House in 2008. While on city council, he was active with the Municipal Association and its programs. He is currently the chairman of the Transportation subcommittee of the House Education and Public Works Committee.

The Municipal Association established the Distinguished Service Award to honor individuals outside of municipal government who contribute to the advancement of municipal government in South Carolina.