​Sidewalk Enhancement


The Town of Edisto Beach has a small population of permanent residents but accommodates up to 15,000 visitors daily during the summer months. Thanks to Edisto’s compact area, residents and visitors alike enjoy the scenery and ambiance of the town on foot or by bicycle.

Since the safety of all who enjoy Edisto is of utmost importance to town officials and local residents, the community came together to address sidewalk issues.

Using a combination of funding sources and a multi-phase approach over the course of 15 years, the Town of Edisto Beach repaired and drastically improved its sidewalks to make them safe, attractive and ADA compliant. Officials funded the project in five phases using a combination of accommodations tax revenue, “C” funds, and federal and state transportation grants.

Throughout the project, local officials involved community members and other entities, including  the South Carolina Department of Transportation; the electric, cable and phone companies; and the garbage collection contractor. Sidewalk replacement was combined with planned resurfacing projects and drainage improvements, saving the town money and inconvenience.

In addition, SCDOT expanded the town’s main thoroughfare, Palmetto Boulevard, from two lanes to four lanes. Bike lanes were added throughout the town and along Highway 174, the only access road to the island.

Tourists and residents of Edisto Beach are safer, due in part to the new sidewalks. Some things are worth the wait.

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