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The House of Representatives and the Senate met in regular session this week. A business license bill was introduced in the House on Thursday, while the Senate passed the bill that would make the superintendent of education appointed rather than elected.

More than 450 local elected officials attended Hometown Legislative Action Day in Columbia on Wednesday and had their voices heard at the State House on business license legislation.  Read today's blog post for details about several of the sessions. Participants heard from state agency directors, state senators and representatives about issues important to cities and towns. Get handouts and presentation notes from HLAD.

Business License Bill Introduced
Representative Bill Sandifer (R – Seneca), with 14 House members as sponsors, introduced a business license bill (H3650) on Thursday. The 13-page bill was referred to the House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee which Representative Sandifer chairs.

H3650, the S.C. Business License Tax Standardization Act, attempts to standardize the business license process. The bill, however, is peppered with exemptions, Home Rule violations, rate reductions, and language that strips control of business license administration from cities and towns and shifts that control to a state agency, the Secretary of State.

The three main points that Miriam Hair, executive director, shared at Hometown Legislative Action Day are still relevant with the newly introduced bill's language:

Cities continue to support business license standardization BUT

  • Authority for business licensing must remain with cities and towns
  • No special exemptions allowed – an exemption for one business is a tax increase for another
  • Result of standardization must be revenue neutral for cities

Talking points on H3650 will be available as soon as Municipal Association staff, the Business License Task Force and the Business License Officials Association board fully analyze the bill. Check Uptown Update on Monday afternoon for more information.

As you talk to your legislators about this bill, please share any feedback with Casey Fields ( at 803.933.1256.

For questions on this bill, contact Miriam Hair ( at 803.933.1204 or Melissa Carter ( at 803.933.1251.
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