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On-demand MEO courses

On-demand courses get officials up to speed quickly

In today’s technology-driven world, accessing the latest movies and television programs on demand is what we have come to expect. After months of development, the Municipal Association began offering elected officials on-demand versions of some of the courses required for completing the Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government.

CPI released

The Budget and Control Board released the CPI part of the millage rate cap increase calculation. The millage rate cap equals the CPI plus the population increase. The CPI for the FY 15 cap calculation is 1.46 percent. The population data will not be released until mid May at the earliest.
Liability of donated buildings

Liability issues of donated buildings

Municipalities often find themselves on the receiving end of donated property. Councils are often eager to accept these “free” gifts; however, looking through a risk management lens may show these freebies could cost big dollars.
No place like home

There's no place like home

For years, there has been much talk about the ways that baby boomers (born 1946-64), Generation Xers (born 1965-80), and millennials, also known as Gen Yers (born 1981-2000s), look at life. Communities must understand the differences among these generations to effectively market to all three groups of potential residents.
Facing homelessness in the Palmetto State

Facing homelessness in the Palmetto State

The more than 6,000 homeless South Carolinians counted in 2013 represent a 28.3 percent increase compared to the last count in 2011. Counties with the highest increases were those that have more urban areas especially Richland County (453), Horry County (296), Greenwood County (187) and Greenville County (185).